+ Theater Production - Glass Mountain / Sound Designer

The Glass Mountain

Walt Disney Modular Theater

Written by    Tor Age Bringsvaerd

Directed by  Jonghee Woo

The unparalleled way of writing fables is beyond generations’ imagination.

By metaphorizing the stereotypes of different kinds of fairy characters, it presents the essence of the living society.


Director Jonghee Woo invented a reformational way to visualize the classic tale of witches, fairies, cat-hunters, wretches, kings and their relationship with material world of Capitalism.


Once upon a time, there is a most beautiful princess in the world sitting on top of the Glass Mountain and waiting the bravest young man who can overcome the danger and reach the top.

It is a free country. Everyone has the right to try. In the motorcycle racing, no one is able to reach the top. Everyone can be a dreamer, but not everyone can make it come true.


This soundtrack is for the moment of harsh racing scene. 

GM - Motorcycle Racing -
00:00 / 00:00
untitled shoot-5391
untitled shoot-5384

H represents the young generations. He is a dreamer, who believe in the wonderful fairy tale. But during his jounery, he is stuck in many many dreams. Is that a sign, a warning or a fact?


This soundtrack is for the moment of chasing scene. and actors are choreographed with the sound.

GM - Metal Dream Chasing Scene -
00:00 / 00:00
untitled shoot-5121
untitled shoot-5131
untitled shoot-5135
untitled shoot-5186
untitled shoot-5347
untitled shoot-5428
untitled shoot-5371

The themed element in Glass Mountain is the motorcycle, which is never really seen on the stage. Therefore, my sound design involves lots of motorcycles and mechanical texture. 


This soundtrack is for the transition between scenes. The sound also supports the movement of the giant upper dock.

GM - Motorcycles Scene Transition -
00:00 / 00:00
untitled shoot-5381
untitled shoot-5188
untitled shoot-5465

Three witches are the trapped in the Glass Mountain which is very male dominated society.
The only thing they can do is just looking for their hero until the hero breaks the curse.
However, thanks to those three witches, we are able to watch this story.
Their voices will bring a radical change.

This soundtrack is for the last moment of the play. 

GM - Witches Last Moment -
00:00 / 00:00

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