+ Sound Installation - The Night Before Birth

We begin to hear before we are born. So I want to use sound to evoke the experience of where life begins.

The power of aural experience can stimulate a deeper and wider range of our memories without conscious. In this exhibition, I created the soundscapes first and invited three visual artists created their own pieces from memories in response to the sound. It is also an experiment to visualize the sound experience and see how aural sense stimulates the visual. 


Sound / Pin-Hua Chen

Space / Maureen Kuo

Video  / Ilana Coleman, Abby Chang

What would it be like to go back into the womb again?

Humans are vulnerable and lonely. A womb is a symbol of the ultimate comfort zone. I want to recreate this primal experience for my audience, taking them back to this peaceful and isolated place through a sound installation. The audience will listen to a sound piece that will put them in a deep reverie. They will interact with the space in real time, exploring their relationship with the sound. After 10 minutes, they will be reborn into the world. 

When I feel anxious or vulnerable, I imagine I was in an isolated place that I can hide in, like going back to the womb. I believe that in this kind of space, people can access or be in touch with a part of themselves that is more essential than what they experience in the everyday world. Therefore, I hope to create this warm and safe environment in which the audience can find peace and embrace their vulnerability, perhaps connecting to a part of themselves they had lost.

The Night Before Birth -
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